Show Reel

This is my show reel from a couple of years ago, I...

22nd Jun

Ancestry Atlas Promo

This is an animated promo that I made for Cultural Infusion in...

01st Mar

Keep Me In Mind – Web Series

Over 2016-18 I was involved in the production of three episodes of...

01st Mar

Photo’s Nature of Nature

Some photo’s I did for Russell Dammers exhibition at The Library Artspace...

16th Dec

White Ribbon Video for Hume

    A video for Hume Youth Services. About 60 young people...

29th Nov

Light Stream – a residency at Library Artspace (J-Studios)

For about five weeks through June and July Zoë Evershed and I...

28th Jul

Video of: field theory / bodies by Emma Lashmar

    Video of Emma Lashmar’s work ‘field theory / bodies’  in...

23rd Apr

Green Brain Media

Providing film production services, post production and special effects services also personalised...

23rd Apr

Free Glass Video posted

  Video of work arising out of Ros Bandt’s residency at the...

21st Jan

Vibraphonic Orkestra Live Clips on Youtube

Clips from the Vibraphonic Orkestra EP launch on 3rd August have now...

27th Nov

Radio I/V with Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman and Teresa Roe

This is a recent radio interview posted on the blogspot with Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman...

23rd Aug

Vibraphonic Orkestra Video Shoot

On Friday night we shot The Vibraphonic Orkestra doing a live set...

06th Aug

Visible Horizon – Return

  Work that we sent to Japan earlier in the year for...

29th May

Video of Work at 7th by John Waller


12th Apr

Light Grill Video work in Japan

Some footage of the Japanese end of the exhibition including my work...

12th Mar

Video Installation showing in Japan

My video installation ‘Light Grills’ is being shown in Japan as part...

02nd Feb

Lurujarri Dreaming project new demo clip

  Bernie has posted a new trailer for the Lurujarri Dreaming project,...

17th Jan

‘Ground’ Exhibition Doco

This is a short doco of Sonja Hornung’s Exhibition ‘Ground’ which showed...

13th Dec

Video Formats and Frame Rates 1

This is some info that I usually present in my first edit...

13th Nov

Lurujarri Dreaming

I’m doing some compositing and animation on this project – looks like...

13th Nov
Lurujarri Dreaming

Screen Grabs From Music Clip

Screen Grabs from Video Clip Golden Sounds.

04th Oct

‘Google Me’ doco on YouTube

29th Aug

Paper Planes Music Clip – ‘Golden Sounds’ on YouTube

30th Jul