Photo’s Nature of Nature

Some photo’s I did for Russell Dammers exhibition at The Library Artspace...

16th Dec
Gloopy_0098 Crop

Light Stream – a residency at Library Artspace (J-Studios)

For about five weeks through June and July Zoë Evershed and I...

28th Jul

Video of: field theory / bodies by Emma Lashmar

    Video of Emma Lashmar’s work ‘field theory / bodies’  in...

23rd Apr

Free Glass Video posted

  Video of work arising out of Ros Bandt’s residency at the...

21st Jan

Visible Horizon – Return

  Work that we sent to Japan earlier in the year for...

29th May
DL Postcards_08

Video of Work at 7th by John Waller


12th Apr
Propeller 2 Still 1-2

Light Grill Video work in Japan

Some footage of the Japanese end of the exhibition including my work...

12th Mar
Light Grill_0522

Video Installation showing in Japan

My video installation ‘Light Grills’ is being shown in Japan as part...

02nd Feb

‘Ground’ Exhibition Doco

This is a short doco of Sonja Hornung’s Exhibition ‘Ground’ which showed...

13th Dec
Sonja Doco