‘Google Me’ doco on YouTube

On Monday - 29th August, 2011

Some of my compatriots here at J-Studios recently curated a really great exhibition called ‘Google Me’ – the idea was that you google you name – pick someone with your name and use that as a basis for portraiture, in a very loose sense. ¬†Over 50 artists contributed to the exhibition and there was an amazing diversity of work represented.

The exhibition was supported by a grant from NAVA and I made a seven minute doco about the exhibition where I interviewed the curators Carmen Reid & Elyss McCleary, and a number of  artists involved in the exhibition Рa great comment on identity and technology amongst other things. The exhibition was a The Library Artspace from May 11th Р5th June 2011.

Apparently will be posted on NAVA site as well.


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