Keep Me In Mind – Web Series

On Friday - 1st March, 2019
Episode 1 – Keep Me In Mind

Over 2016-18 I was involved in the production of three episodes of a web series called “Keep Me In Mind”. In early 2016 my writer friend Mileta Rien approached me, and another film maker friend Scott Lewis to help her realise a script idea for a kind of a Brunswick Hipster Rom-Com. We both liked the script and it was decided, amongst us, that Mileta had to direct it, Scott would take on the DOP role and I would Produce, AD and Edit. We also decided that it that we would make three short web series episodes, because Mileta had a lot of material that could be made into further episodes, if there was interest.

Episode 2 – Keep Me In Mind

The episodes were shot in 2016-17, post production completed in 2018 and the episodes released on the web at the end of 2018.

Episode 3 – Keep Me In Mind

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