Light Stream – a residency at Library Artspace (J-Studios)

On Sunday - 28th July, 2013

For about five weeks through June and July Zoë Evershed and I were in residency in the Library Artspace – Our main interest at the start was to do something with some of the quite amazing light streams that are often in the space. Both of us having done work with ambient light streams and reflections before. From our observation and photo’s of light traces we made some short video clips from photo’s of the changing light.

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We then decided to create a camera obscura in the projection room at the gallery and after some experimentation got some great images on a paper screen. I had not seen a working camera obscura before and was really taken with the size and quality of the images we saw. There was something almost nostagic in the partly obscured surburban scene that we could see, with sometimes dramatic skyscapes and blurry plants in the foreground creating a strange perspective. We extensively photographed images from the screen in different light, and depending on the conditions on the day got sometimes radically different looking photo’s. We had decided to have a showing of what we had been doing and these images from the camera obscura screen became one of the main parts of that.

We wanted to display the images large but didn’t want to just print big images in a conventional way so it was decided that we would make them as a grid using small squares printed as 6×4 photo’s and cut down. Creating and indexing the image files for printing as small photo’s was quite an arduous task with the danger of us being left with a large impossible jigsaw puzzle if we didn’t get it right – but we worked out our photoshop process and with considerable assistance were able to nail up all the little photo’s in grids giving an outcome that we were really happy with.

The other main part of the showing were photo’s taken, mostly by Zoë, of plants and light thru the narrow band of windows in the gallery – an old peeling coating on the glass and various aspects of light at different times of day produced some really amazing images that almost look like some kind of composite image in the way the plants the shadows and the light intersect – a small selection of these photo’s were also one of the main parts of the showing – also produced on grids in the same manner as the Camera Obscura images.


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